September 13, 2012

Social Media Project:

A couple weeks ago I was sitting on my couch watching my Cincinnati Reds win another game thus taking their “Magic Number” down again. I got to thinking, what if there was an easy way to just go and see what the number is. That’s when I decided to make a web site that would do it quick and easy and would also revolve around Social media (Twitter mainly). I wanted to do something different and that’s when the idea of using jersey numbers as the actual number came to mind. I would use players from the Reds past to count down the number.

I got to working and had the site done in about 30 minutes. The first thing I did was tweet the link to all of my Reds twitter users and some other Cincinnati public figures. A couple of my first retweets were from @JohnGumm (Weather Man, Ch 12), @RedLegNation (Reds Blog), @JFraz14 (Todd Fraziers GF), @DallasLatos (Mat Latos wife/Blogger), @JamieBlog (Media Relations for Reds). The site had 300+ visits in the first hour and had 832 visits in the first day. The site continued to do pretty good and got a lot more social media coverage (800+ shares in the first 2 days).

On Wednesday, 9/5, I woke up and had an email from Katie Clavey, the Online/Social Media Reporter for Channel 12 in Cincinnati. She stated in the email she wanted me to write up a description about why I created the site, it’s purpose and what I would like to ultimately see happen. I had 50 minutes to write a response and get my ass all the way to Hamilton for my 10am class. I wrote the following back:

Thanks so much for the email! My main goal with is to excite the city about the play offs and to build up that play off atmosphere early. This team is really something to be proud of and to rally behind and that is the goal of As the Reds magic number gets closer and closer to that 0 I am going to bring back jerseys from the reds past as a way to remember reds past players and also celebrate current players.

My goal once the magic number hits zero is to turn it into a countdown to the big number that this city really wants to see: The number till we clinch the World Series. The site will serve as easy reminder of all that this team has accomplished this year as well as a great look back at what they have already accomplished as the most decorated franchise in history. This city deserves a play off team and more media presence. Being a college student there is not much that I can do to help with that, but there is one thing I know how to do well and that is create web sites. So, I used what I know how to do best and it really took off. With over 1000 visitors in the first day and over 500 social shares I can really say this city is energized and they are ready to see this team #TakeTheCentral!

I also reached out to her on Twitter to let her know that I had emailed her. I got a response from her letting me know that my site would be covered the next day on the air. was featured on Channel 12 in Cincinnati at 6:19am on “Good Morning Cincinnati” and also on the 6 o’clock news. You can see the video below. I also got a write up on


The site has really taken off since the coverage on the news. Its averaging 900 visits a day with the average visitor spending 50 seconds on the site. It has been visited by 47 states and 23 different countries. As of writing this post it has been shared 2378 times, with over 1000 Facebook likes/shares and over 600 Twitter mentions/shares.I also found out today that I have been given 4 free tickets to an upcoming Reds game by the Reds!

The way this little project took off has really blown me away and has shown me the true power of Social media. It has has been seen now by more than 4000 people ( not including the people that saw it on the news ). The only cost of this project was the $10 bucks for the domain name, it had no other marketing done at all. This really shows that with some hard work and a good social media plan, online marketing is a must have marketing tool and can pay dividends. I can’t wait to see where this goes and to also take that Jersey number down to 0 and watch my Reds in the World Series :)