Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Jake Boyles and I am a Web Designer/Developer/Internet Marketing Expert. I currently live in Oxford with my fiance, and our 2 dogs. I am a junior attending Miami University working towards a degree in Interactive Media Studies. I have been designing and developing web sites since I was 10 years old.I have worked with clients all over the United States.

I have worked with businesses that have only 1-2 employees to over a hundred. I love working with smaller businesses and helping them build their online identities and brands. I enjoy helping companies create a lasting online brand that not only gains recognition on the web but that they can actually carry over to the physical side of their business. I work with all types of internet media from custom Wordpress themes, SEO, Facebook/Twitter designs, eCommerce, Print design, iPad/iPhone web apps and pretty much anything else a client will need. If you are interested in a web project feel free to get a hold of me using the contact page, Thanks!


JibDesigns is my Freelance web design and development company. I started the company about 2 years ago as a way to re-brand from my previous company of Boyles Web Design. JibDesigns focuses on small to medium sized businesses that are looking to gain an awesome online web presence not only with their web site but with their Facebook page, Twitter page, iPhone app and any other web related product. I help companies completely brand themselves all over the internet and help turn visitors into customers. Utilizing web marketing and social media I am able to direct all kinds of new opportunities and customers for my clients.