My Work


Butterfly Life Coach

Ivy from Butterfly Life coach contacted me and needed a beautiful, clean design to launch her new life coaching business. I designed everything for her site from the ground up, including the logo and all of the branding colors. Her site is built around the butterfly images and it has those images tied in all around the site.


Maxim Road Trip

The Maxim Road Trip crew needed a web site that not only looked great but was also easily updatable on the road. There whole site is editable using WordPress and they have the ability to add news, photos, videos, sponsors and players their selves. The web site and crew have been featured in a couple different Maxim magazines.


9th Street Office Coffee

9th Street Office Coffee required a fully custom E-Commerce site. The whole site is a custom built E-Commerce site with the ability to buy and pay for all the products directly from the web site. The admin has to ability to fully update and edit all content on the site as well as the ability to easily add products. The site is fully run on WordPress and allows the client full control of the web site.


Buckeye Telecom

Jonathan from Buckeye Telecom came to me wanting a completely fresh web site for his company. They have never had a web site before so this was a fresh start. I built Buckeye a custom Web site that included their Twitter feed and all of their social media networks, to create an all-new online marketing strategy. I created the web site around their existing brand colors and concepts. I also built a custom Facebook page and a custom Twitter profile for Buckeye Telecom to further entice visitors and to gain new clients.


Crown Pharmacuticals

Anthony from Crown Pharmaceuticals required a slick looking web site that had interactive elements and also used a custom login for his users. I built Crown a custom WordPress run site that allowed the user to edit the content on the site and also create custom pages for clients that would allow them to login on the home screen and be automatically taken to there designated page.


Cash Flow Solutions

I have worked with Cash Flow Solutions for the past couple of months to completely revamp there website and online identity. When finished, they will have a top-notch web site that is guaranteed to win awards and turn their visitors into life long customers. Their site is fully run on WordPress, a content management system that allows Cash Flow to fully update and edit all text on their site.